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Bunge La Mwananchi warns Raila against stealing their idea

By LILIAN MUTAVI November 1st, 2017 1 min read

Nasa leader Raila Odinga’s call for the formation of a people’s assembly to start preparing for fresh polls has ran into headwinds after a group claimed ownership of the idea.

Bunge La Mwananchi, popularly known for its street-based conversations on current affairs, claimed Mr Odinga’s call is a duplication of what they do.

On Tuesday Mr Odinga said the people’s assembly will comprise of elected leaders and key players from the civil society, trade unions and youths.

But the group’s chairman Henry Shitanda said Mr Odinga plans to take over their already established platform to push his political agenda.


Mr Shitanda said that whereas Mr Odinga is allowed to join as a member, they will not allow him to take over the platform.

“Unfortunately, although Bunge La Wananchi is an open platform and for that we indeed invite him to join as a Kenyan, we find some of his agenda contrary to the core mission and tenets of our movement,” Mr Shitanda told journalists on Wednesday.

Mr Shitanda said the opposition leader is invited to attend daily debates at Jeevanjee gardens to pronounce and present his agenda to the movement for adoption or rejection by members.

“We shall require Mr Odinga and his co-principals to abide by our rules and democratic traditions. We are non-violent movement that seeks to unite all Kenyans and we require him to publicly reject violence and the secession agenda before joining the movement or we shall reject his agenda totally,” said Mr Shitanda.