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Bunge la Wananchi: Kenyans want affordable unga, not cheap smartphones – Watch

By Winnie Onyando November 17th, 2022 1 min read

Bunge la Wananchi has called on the national government to lower the cost of living instead of investing in the manufacture of cheap phones.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, President of Bunge la Wananchi Calvince Okoth Gaucho said Kenyans cannot make calls with empty stomachs.

“We do not want cheap phones manufactured in the country. All we want is to see the cost of products such as Unga being sold at a favourable price. The cost of living is too high,” Gaucho said.

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On the other hand, he noted that cheap smartphones will not help Kenyans in any way.

“We have no business using cheap phones, all we want is the price of unga to be lowered,” he said.

Currently, 2kg of maize flour is retailing at between Sh180 to Sh200.

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This comes just a week after President William Ruto said Kenya will be the biggest producer of Africa’s cheapest smartphones in the next one year.

“The real last mile in technology is the gadget and we are already working with our telecommunications sector so that we can have a smartphone that is going to be less than Sh5,000. A smartphone that can do everything that you want,” President Ruto said.

“Today the cheapest smartphone is Sh10,000, maybe Sh15,000, but I want to promise the country that in the next eight to 12 months we will have the cheapest smartphone in Africa, manufactured in Kenya,” the head of state said.

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