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Bungoma governor gazzetes law allowing sale of changaa, busaa

Bungoma County has officially gazetted a law that allows the sale and drinking of traditional brews in the county.

The Bungoma County Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2015, was gazetted by Governor Ken Lusaka on Wednesday.

Mr Lusaka said the law will regulate production, sale, distribution and consumption of traditional brews and other alcoholic beverages.


He said traders in the business will have to apply for licenses from sub-county committees and be cleared by public health officers before selling the brew at market centres.

Under the new law, traditional brews will not be sold in residential homes as has been the norm.

“The law clearly stipulates the parameters for selling the traditional brews and other alcoholic beverages and clearly stipulates the drinking time from 5pm to 11pm during weekdays and 2pm to 5pm on weekends,” said Mr Lusaka.


He further cautioned security officers from the area to keep off and allow the public to drink the traditional brews without fear of being arrested.

Other laws which Lusaka gazetted include the County Flag and Emblems names Protection Act, the Bungoma County Polytechnic Act, Early Childhood Education Act, Bungoma County Transport Act and Bungoma County assembly Service Board Act.