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Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka responds to Nzoia Sugar privatisation talk

By Mercy Simiyu January 27th, 2024 2 min read

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka has assured residents in the county they will have a say on whether the Nzoia Sugar Company will be sold or not.

In his address at the funeral of Andrew Wataka, a celebrated teacher in the region, Lusaka stressed that the struggling sugar miller was an integral part of the region and the residents have to determine its future.

“I want to warn those political opportunists who are hoping that the company will be sold under our watch so they can gain cheap political capital,” said the county boss.

He confirmed that President William Ruto was leading talks on how to ensure the factory is reformed into a profit-making institution.

This, the Governor says, will involve ensuring farmers who supply their cane to the factory are paid on time.

Workers at the miller will also be paid on time, he added.

Lusaka, who previously served as the Senate Speaker, rejected suggestions his government was keen to take over the management of the company, stressing that ‘governments are not good at doing business’.

He pointed out that the factory sits on a large piece of public land donated by the local community for expansion, and some residents were even resettled to make way for the development hence the need for their involvement.

Lusaka vowed that the community would not allow this land to be sold without their involvement.

He insisted that a solution must be found to make the factory self-sustaining and operational.

Kanduyi MP John Makali not only choed Lusaka’s sentiments and criticised leaders who lost the last election for spreading propaganda and falsehoods.

He assured residents that any decisions regarding the company will be made with transparency and public participation.

Nzoia Sugar company has been a loss-making entity in recent times and consistently relies on government bailout for survival.