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‘Bungoma Jesus’: I see heaven everyday  

The self-proclaimed ‘Jesus’ from Tongaren in Bungoma County has now claimed that he sees heaven daily.

According to the sect leader, whose real name is Eliud Simiyu, he spots heaven between 9 am and noon. He claims this daily occurrence happens while he is relaxing and enjoying the morning breeze at his home in Lukhokwe village, Tongaren Constituency.

Kila saa tatu asubuhi nikichukua kamkeka kangu nikijilaza kwa kivuli, mbingu inafunguka saa tatu mpaka saa sita za mchana, (Everyday while I’m enjoying the morning breeze on my mat under the shade, heaven opens up between nine and noon),” Mr Simiyu said in a video.

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He claims that during that three-hour period, prophets pass by to greet him while acknowledging him as a son of God.

…Naona mbingu ikifunguka, naona manabii wengi wa mbinguni wakishuka, wakija wakinisalimu. Salamu zako mwana wa Baba Mungu. Nami nasema Amina. Huyu akipita, mwingine anaingia anasema; salamu zako mwana wa Mungu, nasema Amina (I see heavens opening up, I see many prophets coming down from heaven and greeting me; How are you God’s son? I reply Amen. They pass by one after the other, as they greet me and I answer Amen),” he revealed.

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Mr Simiyu leads members of the New Jerusalem sect in Lukhokwe village. The preacher has disciplines, just like Jesus Christ had. All his disciples have special and unique names.

Early this year, he made shocking revelations with claims that only 168,000 people in the world will enter heaven. Out of this number only two will be from Nairobi will see God’s kingdom and they are yet to be born.

While in the Bible, Jesus was not married, Simiyu, on the other hand is married and has eight children. He claims that, Jesus who was prophesied by Isaiah, was supposed to marry and have a family.​

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