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Burial of Kenyan woman shot dead by American granny set for Saturday

By Hilary Kimuyu January 15th, 2020 1 min read

The Kenyan woman who was shot dead by an 85-year-old granny in the USA will be buried on Saturday, 18 January, in Siaya county.

Janet Oyuga, 37, was shot dead in her house in the US by Beverly Jenne. Her sister Angela, who survived the attack, sustained serious gunshot wounds.

The burial of Janet was previously scheduled for Saturday, 11 January, but her body could not be flown to Kenya in time due to a memorial service that was held in Seattle, Washington on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

The deceased’s remains left the US on Tuesday, January 14, and is expected to arrive in Kisumu on Thursday, ahead of her final send-off at her parents’ home in Gem, Siaya county on Saturday.

Jenne, who has since been charged in court with first-degree murder and assault charges, attempted to commit suicide by strangling herself with a cord after the incident, according to local authorities.

Jenne had lived in the house since it was built in 1979, but it went into foreclosure in March last year and was sold at a public auction in November 2019.

The new owner was renovating the house and had entered into a lease-to-own agreement with the two Kenyan sisters, who decided to host Jenne until she found an alternative home.

Tragically, the house was destroyed by a huge fire on December 30, 2019.