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Buruburu man who burnt to death in his Subaru car set for burial

A man who burnt to death while seated in his car in Buruburu estate will finally be laid to rest on Friday afternoon.

Nairobi News has learnt that the family of Terrence Korir, 36, had already picked his body from Siloam Funeral Home on Thursday ahead of the burial.

“Everything is on as planned and he will be laid to rest later today (Friday),” said the deceased’s brother, Dominic Korir.

Terrence Korir burnt to death inside his car that was parked in a court at Buruburu Phase 5 estate in an incident that received wide condemned on social media.

Police had suspected that his death was a result of an arson attack because only the inside of the vehicle burnt while the outside and trunk were not touched by the fire.

Three days ago, chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor said a postmortem exam showed Terrence was alive as the fire consumed him inside his Subaru car.

Oduor’s findings cleared the air on claims that he had been killed elsewhere and his body placed in the car before it was set ablaze.

“There was a lot of soot in the airways from the tongue to the lungs. This shows us that actually the person died in the fire. This is not a person who was planted dead in the fire. He was alive when he was burning,” Mr Oduor said.