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Bus stages might be moved to ease traffic in city centre

July 31st, 2015 2 min read

Some old bus termini in the city centre will be removed if the Nairobi County Assembly approves a decongestion plan.

The plan involves moving Kencom Bus Stage, the GPO Bus Stop and Old Nation House Matatu Station, also known as the Khoja Stage from their current locations.

Kencom and GPO are used by matatus taking passengers to Nairobi’s western suburbs, as well as Dagoretti and Ngong.

The Khoja Stage is used by those that ferry commuters to Nairobi’s northern suburbs.

The Kencom bus terminal. PHOTO | FILE
The Kencom bus terminal. PHOTO | FILE

A Motion tabled in the county assembly by Eastleigh Ward Representative Osman Adow on Tuesday, proposes that all bus stages at road intersections and roundabouts in the city be removed.

Mr Adow said the terminuses have been making it difficult for motorists to have access to “acceleration and deceleration lanes”.

“This assembly urges the county and national governments to move all bus stages from road junctions and roundabouts to ease traffic within the city,” he said.

Traffic congestion in the city has become a big problem for residents. This has compelled the county government and the Transport ministry to come up with a solution to the issue.

Buses at the GPO bus terminal. PHOTO | FILE
Buses at the GPO bus terminal. PHOTO | FILE

Other stakeholders have also made proposals on how the issue should be tackled, including banning all matatus from entering the city centre.

Recently, City Hall and the ministry teamed up in a Sh400 million project to replace major roundabouts with signalised intersections in a bid to ease traffic.

The work is, however, yet to be completed due to lack of land for additional lanes at the roundabouts.

City Hall blocked right turns at some of the roundabouts, which has partly worked.

The Motion was supported by other members of the county assembly. Nominated ward rep Jacquiline Awino Nyangala said the heavy presence of matatus in the city centre had become unmanageable.

Mugumoini Ward Rep Alex Ouda Otieno said if no action is taken, the city centre would lose business.