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Business as usual at malls despite threats

Business people and their clients went on with their activities at Junction and Prestige Malls on Tuesday even as mobile phone messages warning of attacks circulated.

Police said they had beefed up security at the two malls.

The message, whose origin police said was not clear, told Nairobians that going to the two malls was risking their lives.

Planned attack

“We have increased security as we do not want to take any chances,” Nairobi Police Chief, Benson Kibue said.

The message read: “Terror Plot underway at the Prestige and Junction Malls. Keep off”.

A visit to the two malls revealed a relaxed environment, though clients were few.

Many of those who work at different shops in the two malls said the number of security personnel had not increased.

“The Administration Police officers you see have been here ever since. They usually guard the banks around,” said Stephen Oyier who works in a toy shop.

He said he was not aware of any terror warning but claimed that fear had increased since the Westgate Mall attack on September 21.

“You might not see police in uniform, but trust me, security is tight,” said Mr Kibue.

He said some officers were patrolling the area around the malls while others were strategically placed on rooftops.

The police chief added that they were attempting to track the source of the message.

He assured investors and the general public that the situation was under control.