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Business rivalry link in killing of Ruai brothers

Detectives are exploring the possibility that the men who shot three brothers and threw them into a waterfall in Ruai in Nairobi on Sunday afternoon could have done so after a business deal went sour.

Two of the victims died on the spot while the other is recuperating at a Nairobi hospital under police guard.

Initial police reports indicated that the three: Amos Mutuma, 22, Harrison Murithi, 19 and Nelson Kimaita, 22 had left their home in Kileleshwa on Saturday to visit their aunt in Mwiki.

It is not clear however, how they left their aunt’s house that afternoon, and ended up at the Mwalimu Falls.

On Tuesday, police officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation comprising the Flying Squad and Scene of Crime Unit visited the waterfall to get more evidence.

Witnesses said that at around 2pm that fateful day, six men arrived at the fall in a black Suzuki car.

“They seemed happy and were talking as if they were friends or relatives. They all came out of the vehicle and went to view the falls,” a witness said.

Four men then proceeded to an abandoned posho mill next to the fall. One remained with the car as the other climbed on top of the structure.

The one on top of the structure kept talking on phone as he smoked cigarettes. His colleague in the car turned on the music and kept it loud as he too smoked.

After two hours, a motorcycle arrived with two more men who also went to the structure as the motorcyclist left.

“The six went towards the river but one of them came back to the open field and joined the one in the car. The one on top of the abandoned structure also came down,” he said.

A few minutes later, there were three gunshots and screams. Then two men returned to the car and they all entered it and sped off leaving their three victims in the river.