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Businessman appeals to Ruto in child abduction case

A widower whose children were reportedly abducted by seven known persons has petitioned President William Ruto and Chief Justice Martha Koome to intervene.

The seven were ordered to be arrested and taken to court by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in July 2022. That has not happened.

The abducted children are two twin boys aged nine months and a five-year-old girl.

“I want my children back. They were taken away from me after the death of my wife in April 2022 by persons who are claiming to be powerful,” Nikesh told Nairobi News at the Milimani High Court.

Nairobi News understands a separate court has since directed the children in question remain under the case of the Hindu community until January 30, 2023, when the case will be heard and determined.

In the petition to the Chief Justice, Nikesh, laments that the wheels of justice have been grinding slowly.

“Children officers in Kibera and Nyali recommended I remain with the children since I’m their father. My children were taken away as I watched by a person known to me in the company of others.”

“I’m capable of taking care of my children. I work. I brought them forth. I’m their father,” said Nikesh.

The DPP in July 2022, directed Police to arrest and prosecute seven suspects over the alleged abduction of the three minors whose mother died by committing suicide in her family home.

Those identified by the DPP for prosecution are Urvash Kauship, Lalji Hirani, Ratan Daya, Dakish Nilesh Siyani, Mitikisha Vekariyi, Arvid Vekarja, and Namrata Manoyi Keshavi Makwana.

The DPP directed the seven be charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and abduction.

Through Senior Prosecuting Counsel J.R. Meroka, the DPP said there is tangible evidence to support the case.

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