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Businessman arrested with ‘contaminated meat’ destined for City Market

A businessman was on Tuesday arrested with uninspected and contaminated meat which was destined for the City Market in the CBD.

Nairobi City County Veterinary Department officers in collaboration with a team from the City Inspectorate Department intercepted the meat which was packed in five batches.

The businessman, identified as Joseph Murigi Muthama, had packed the rotten meat in five batches and at the time of arrest had sold one batch as minced meat.


This is the second time that Mr Muthama has been arrested for selling contaminated meat.

The man was arrested and arraigned in a city court but was unable to produce a cash bail of Sh300,000,. He is being detained at County’s City cell and will be arraigned in court on Wednesday at 11am.

Nairobi County officials have urged residents to be careful when buying meat and poultry and ensure it is fresh and inspected properly.

The Veterinary Department has heightened surveillance in slaughterhouses and meat and poultry selling points within the city.