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Businessman Jamal’s ex-wife Amira opens up on toxic marriage

Jamal’s ex-wife Amira says she regrets getting married to the businessman.

In a recent question and answer session on Instagram, Amira, the mother of two detailed her ugly marriage with her ex-husband Jimal, a prominent Nairobi businessman.

According to Amira, Jamal was violent and abusive but she stayed in the marriage for the sake of her two children.

Amira also talked about co-parenting, saying it’s a nightmare.

“I love my kids to death and if I had a choice to go back in time and make the right decisions. I wouldn’t have picked him as their father, unfortunately,” Amira said adding that she regrets not quitting earlier.

The mother of two who last week talked about her ex-husband repossessing all her house items (including utensils) and had to furnish her new house from scratch, said her two sons understand everything that happens.

“They are big boys, they know everything that’s been happening. I stayed in a toxic and violent marriage because of them, held onto a marriage that was already broken,” Amira said.

The business lady makes it clear that she will never forgive Jamal and that she is happy she had to make the eternal decision of moving out of that marriage for the sake of her peace.

“He was the worst person I have ever met and I loathe him with passion, I will never forgive him and even if I die today, I wouldn’t want him to bury me or even mourn me,” she said

Amira also confirmed that she officially divorced Jamal in 2022 and is hopeful to get married again someday.

Through her Instagram page, the mother of two earlier on said that any woman who is single is by choice.

“Being single is a choice for women. There is nothing like she can’t get a man. A man is the easiest thing to get, it is getting the right man. Please don’t let that go over your head.”

Prior to the divorce, Amira and Jamal suffered a public fallout after he started dating socialite Amber Ray.

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