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Businessman shot dead by gangsters in broad daylight in Kibra

A businessman lost his life on Wednesday after armed thugs shot him in broad daylight in Kibra, Nairobi.

Witnesses and police said the deceased, Oscar Ngugi Komo, 42, was shot by two thugs outside his shop in Mashimoni area.

The suspected thugs first ordered Ngugi to surrender all his cash before they shot him at close range.

“The man was about to go to the market when he was accosted by the thugs. They first started conversing in a local dialect before ordering him to surrender the cash,” said a witness.

The witness added that when the businessman saw them approaching, he tried hiding the money but they had already seen him.

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After a brief confrontation, they opened fire and shot him before grabbing Sh12,000 he had and fleeing the scene.

In a bid to get away, the thugs then started shooting into the air to disperse anyone who might have thought of pursuing them, the witnesses said.

The brother of the businessman rushed him to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police arrived at the scene of the crime minutes after the incident despite the whole incident happening near the police station.

Last week, police officers in Githurai 44, Nairobi County gunned down a gunman who had ambushed a man right outside his gate.

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The detectives attached to Kasarani Police Station who had parked their car a few meters away said the suspect laid ambush on his would-be victim but they swiftly foiled his plans.

“No sooner had the man stopped his vehicle and alighted to open the gate than the thug sprung from a dark lane opposite the gate and pointed the gun to the man,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said in a statement.

The suspect was shot after the officers gave chase as the motorbike approached and when the rider noticed that officers were around he made a u-turn and sped off leaving his accomplice behind.

The police recovered a Czeska pistol loaded with 9mm caliber from the slain suspect.

Police said the firearm will be subjected to for ballistic tests to ascertain whether it has in the past been used in committing crime in the area.

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