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Butchers axe competition by going high tech

By GERALD BWISA January 18th, 2014 1 min read

The opening up of classy butcheries has left others fearing they will lose customers in Pangani.

Butchery owner Benson Kariuki said that they tend to lose more customers to classy ones due to lack of hi-tech facilities.

“I used to have many customers in the past but now I just have few and my fear is to lose them all. I don’t know what I will do,” said Kariuki.

“Look around I have a small place that doesn’t have these facilities that many people are running for. What I can afford is what I can give to my customers but the competition we have scares me.”

Anyone walking around Pangani shopping centre will notice that newly constructed buildings have come up and on each building there are classy butcheries available to the market.

This is owing to the demand from the public.

A 30-year-old butcher, Samuel Kaniru, said the only thing that attracts customers to them is the good and clean meat they sell.

“Customers like fresh and clean meat. This is why we have a display refrigerator to preserve our meat,” said Kaniru.

In addition, they have a meat cutting machine contrast to others who have tree logs and axes to cut meat.