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Why the buzz? Taking stock of Valentine’s the day after

Valentine’s Day is over and today we take stock of what transpired yesterday.

The annual lovers’ day is often characterised with flowers, love making and creating impressions. We revisit all these aspects in our stock taking.

1. Relationships were redefined
It was a day to determine one’s true position in a relationship. So some lovers scored highly while others were quickly dumped for showing no effort.

Many unmarried couples take this day to determine if their partners are the real deal or they are just but side dishes. Some relationships ended yesterday while others were taken to the next level.

2. Babies were made
A joke has been doing rounds on social media that if sex involved gunshots, Wednesday night would have mimicked a world war. The day was characterized by some merry making and all we can do is wait till November to see the fruits of what transpired.

3. Money was spent
All the gifting that comes with Valentine’s Day ensures a bumper harvest for businesspeople. Those selling any acceptable gifts and most notably the creative Kenyans who offered their delivery services at vendors’ kiosks made a kill.

4. Flowers withered
With all the hype to have flowers delivered, some of the roses have now withered and what is even sad is that some bunches are already trashed. Even those that preserved the roses in their vases, the clock is ticking and soon they too shall wither well good thing is, the impression of love was made after all.

5. Men breathed
The pressure on men to impress on this day was real and much as it is called lovers day, maybe it should become ladies day. The men had to choose what flowers to send and the perfect gift that would make their women feel loved and all that pressure is now gone.