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Caf under fire for ‘un-African’ Afcon draw ceremony – VIDEO

The Confederation of African Football (Caf) has come under heavy criticisms for inviting a dance group from Austria to perform at the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 draw ceremony

The Africa Cup of Nations games are set to kick off in June 21 through to July 19 in Egypt.

The ceremony was full of pomp as CAF officials announced the teams in the different pools, to the delight of football fans around the continent.

However, towards the end, the excitement was replaced by anger as a group of contortionist dancers from Austria made their way to the stage.

Though their performance was outstanding, Africans on Twitter reasoned that their continent has sufficient cultural diversity worthy of being showcased at such a continental event.


In furious tweets, many fans felt CAF had failed to stay true to the continent’s cultural identity.

“Wtf …asking non-Africans to perform at an African event is weird…what exactly is going on at CAF?” asked @mzeewatwosx.

“Even we black are racists to ourselves….shame on @CAF_Online,” said @Tipikalboy.

“Austrian dancers Shame on you,” wrote @mfundo_citizen.

“A continent filled with some of the most creative musicians, dancers, artists and @CAF_Online had to go get guys from Austria. AFRICAN cup of nations SMH,” commented @Naythan Din-Kariuki.

“@CAF_Online Could not trust Africans to perform at the #TotalAFCON2019 draw but import @Zucaroh to perform for Africans. Where did we go wrong as Africans,” stated @kelvinaderi.

“Only in Africa Where A Bunch Of White People from Australia Would Be Paid to come and act as Africans for Africans to watch a fake version of African Entertainment! This is an insult to African Entertainers,” said @King Bati.