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Why calls for Bobi Wine’s release have divided opinion among Kenyans

A heated debate has ensued among Kenyans on social media over the increased agitation for the release of detained Ugandan politician-cum-musician Bobi Wine.

The debate has further been heightened by Law Society of Kenya’s threat to sue the Ugandan government at the East African Court of Justice for human rights violation.

Social media has been a buzz since Bobi Wine – real name Robert Kyagulanyi – was arrested last week after being accused of being in possession of illegal guns.

Although the Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East was released on Thursday, a twiff has ensued among Kenyans on Twitter who have been bashing each other and the LSK for the stance on Bobi Wine.

A section of Kenyans on Twitter have taken issue with their fellow countrymen’s continued agitation for the release of Bobi Wine while no such effort is put into addressing Kenya’s own numerous issues.


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@NahashonNjoroge said, “Why are you so quiet when Uganda soldiers mistreat our soldiers in Migingo Island rather than @HEBobiwine , Uganda is not part of Kenya and we have a lot to protest on, this is insanity.”

@BobbyVjoe asked, “Kenya tumeshindwa kupeleka makartels kortini sasa tumepeleka Mushene Uganda. The other day MPigs walikula pesa ya Sukari no law society has taken action against sasa wamejichocha wanaenda Uganda. Priiiss… Ni nini huwa usumbua Wakenya?”

@EphraimNgugi commented, “You don’t expect Kenyans to see the logs in their eyes… The only complaints I heard from LSK is against the work of mtetezi wa raiya, Okiya Omtata that he was doing their jobs. Sad.”

@CCmasita said, “@LSKPresident your society cannot pretend with utmost hypocrisy to canvass the Bobi Wine matter when you have left your space in Kenya for people like Okiya Omtata. This is most offensive. To look away when OUR children have been killed and poisoned. SMH!”

@Aseka_Oluchina tweeted, “The level of hypocrisy with some lawyers is too hard to bear! They didn’t even have an official position on the Miguna issue. Now they want to sue Uganda.”

@Qadarmusa said, “It’s just a joke, charity begins at home.”

@Jeypah_Amaru wrote, “LSK is a busy body… Looking for attention… Tell them to investigate why remandees are on hunger strike.”