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Calls for arrest of Simba Arati grow louder over attack on Didmus Barasa in Kibra

A number of netizens are calling for the arrest of Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati after a video of him inciting people to attack Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa emerged.

The incident happened on Thursday at DC Grounds in Kibra during the by-election that was won by the ODM candidate Imran Okoth.

The video opens with the Kimilili MP seen having a chat with Jubilee leaders when Arati walked and shook his hand. Arati then held onto his hand tightly for a few seconds.

“Usiongee mbaya, unataka ukimbizwe saa hizi? Leo mtakimbizwa. I can decide mkimbizwe saa hizi!” warned Arati while still holding onto Barasa’s hand.

Looking surprised Barasa says, “Sisi we are friends, we are colleagues.”


Moments later, the Kimilili MP was roughed up by rowdy individuals who first grabbed his signature maroon cap off his head, before slapping him several times as others shoved him.

The incident left Jubilee women leaders in disbelief.

But when the attackers attempted to turn to Isiolo Women Rep, Rehema Jaldesa, Arati held her close to protect her.

Here are the voices of Netizens concerning the incident:


“It’s almost two days when dishonorable MP Simba Arati led goons to descend on his colleague MP Dismus baraza in the full glare of the public and cameras..why is the government security silent about the conduct of the mischievous Arati? @UgasAhmed2 asked.

@MMigwi tweeted, “CS Matiangi’s silence on the Simba Arati vs Didmus Baraza incident is just way too loud. Maybe it’s the high time we started trusting goons instead of the law enforcers,”

“You see, @HonMoses_Kuria has a point here. The police should have had a field day making arrests in the just concluded Kibera election. Simba arati and crew first, then anyone else who was throwing stones. The happenings only reinforce the idea of Goons being acceptable,” @digitalmkenya posted.

@ItsMutai commented, “ Simba Arati was busy harassing his MP colleagues in Kibra but he was no show in the debt ceiling debate. Quite unfortunate that our MPs don’t know how to prioritise what concerns the people of this country,”

“It’s even disheartening that some leaders were celebrating the violence. @OAmollo order for what he called “citizen arrests” have no place in a functioning Government. A civilian cannot arrest another civilian. This is a clear indication that the handshake is hypocritical,” @wezlie22000 posted.

Watch the video here.