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Calm restored along Waiyaki way after matatu operators protest

Normalcy has resumed along the busy Waiyaki Way after a tussle involving matatu operators and police on Thursday morning.

The stand-off was caused by a protest by the matatu operators who blocked part of the road in protest over what they said was a move by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) to remove a terminus in the area.

The stand-off took more than two hours to resolve, inconveniencing travellers heading to and from the Central Business District (CBD).

The chaos paralyzed normal operations along the busy route, with other suburbs such as Westlands and Parklands affected.

It took the intervention of police officers, who fired teargas cannisters in the area, to restore order, even as matatu operators vowed to continue with the protests.

The removed terminus was used by the public transport vehicles to pick up and drop off passengers heading to Kangemi, Kinoo, Kikuyu, and those heading to town to drop their passengers.

The stage was affected by the construction of the Expressway.