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Cameroon FA official resigns, accuses Eto’o of ‘dictatorship’

The Secretary-General of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot), Benjamin Didier Banlock, has resigned, accusing federation boss Samuel Eto’o Fils of an autocratic management style that cannot promote football development in the country.

In his resignation letter to the FA boss, Banlock says the management and governance style of the former footballer gives him doubt whether he is the right man for the job.

In his letter, Banlock said football in the country can only regain regain its splendour if strong men, who bear great ideas, act with greatness in an environment which enables elevation and progress.

He adds that Eto’o’s management and governance style just five months at the helm of the FA gives him doubt if he can achieve the goal.

“The recent successive events, distractions have been multiplying and it shows without doubt that the Cameroon Football Federation is not in synergy with the project that brought you at the helm of the body,” the former scribe wrote to Eto’o.

“An administration which values progress at FECAFOOT, cannot be reduced to the despotic whims and caprices of the president which seems to be your only wish,” read part of the letter written in French.

“For not being able to work in an environment which meets up to these levels of performance to give Cameroon football all the greatness it deserves, it is my place to thank you as well as the executive committee of Fecafoot for the confidence bestowed on me and which I have decided to renounce,” Banlock wrote.

Banlock was appointed Ag. Secretary General of Fecafoot on December 27, 2021, two weeks after Eto’o’s election as president of the FA.

He had served as scribe of the FA for over two years during the reign of Eto’o’s predecessor, Seidou Mbombo Njoya, but was relieved of his functions four months to the elections.

Eto’o was elected on the platform of promoting football development and pledging to put footballers at the centre of all policies.