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Camp Mulla’s Mykie now a cab driver and KOT are shocked

Kenyans on Twitter are have expressed mixed reactions to revelations that a former member of the group Camp Mulla is now a driver with cab hailing company Uber.

Word came out after a hawk eyed fan identified Mykie Tonie while he was making his Uber rounds, a revelation that has greatly excited netizens.

Formed in 2009 and comprising Morey, Shappaman, Karun, Mykie Toni and Kus Ma, the group Camp Mulla was one of the most promising hip hop groups before their break up in 2012.

Camp Mulla gained fame with their album Funky Town which was released the same year that they broke up to pursue individual careers.

Through the hashtag #CampMulla some netizens expressed their disappointment with Mykie’s decision to ditch stardom for taxi driving, while some gave him messages of encouragement.

One Twitter user even posted a receipt as proof of how the likes of Mykie are doing as Uber cab drivers. However, Nairobi News cannot verify the authenticity of the information.

Below are some of the views from KOT.