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Can you remember the last time Nairobi was this cold? KOT share hilarious jokes

City residents have camped on social media to rant at the cold weather experienced across Nairobi.

According to the weather man, temperatures have dropped to as low as 3° Celsius, with some parts of the city being covered in mist in the mornings.

This is the coldest temperatures the capital city has experienced in recent years.

The Kenya Meteorological Department has warned that the cold weather will persists for three more days before any hopes of enjoying a sunny day.

Kenyans on Twitter shared jokes on the Nairobi winter as well as life lessons on how to keep warm this cold season.

“Forget about all this win-a-milli business. Any brand that runs a win a heater promo right now would win over our hearts!” said CorySefu.

“This Nairobi cold won’t kill me. I swear,” tweeted arinze_dickson.

“How cold is Nairobi? Is it Winterfell or Beyond the wall type of cold because if so, sirudi,” wrote Cindie_ko.

“It’s 12° in Nairobi and we struggling. My Canadians are like, ‘Oh, spring!’ No! It’s a cold-apocalypse and WE DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH OURSELVES.” Said wanjikuw.

“This Cold Weather bites! Nairobi is freezing! Release that contraband Sugar we brew Tea with it. I do not believe the Mercury and Copper in the Sugar are in Big Proportions that would threaten to ruin our Good Health,” tweeted mwemaa.

“Why is Nairobi so cold? Who has the tender for blankets?” asked Keguro.

“Nairobi is unbearably cold grrrr,” said xubbifarah.

“Nairobi is too cold,jeez!!! How do you people survive? Asked Its_Wamwangi.

“OK!! A Committee needs to be formed to tell us what is happening with this cold Nairobi weather!” said carolemwaliwa.