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Cancellation of Sunday off day is what caused night fire at Upper Hill School

A decision by the administration of Upper Hill School to cancel Sunday off day is what led students to burn down one of the dormitories in the school on Wednesday night, Nairobi News has authoritatively established.

The night fire destroyed several beds in one dormitory that houses 30 students in Form Three and Form Four.

Nairobi News has further learnt that the Principal Peter Muia has had reservations about the first Sunday of the month being an off day for the students, as has been the case.

One parent of a Form Three student also shared with Nairobi News WhatsApp messages of how one teacher kept feeding them with contradictory information about the incident.

She claimed that teacher was telling Form Two parents that it was a Form Three dormitory that was on fire while on the other hand giving the opposite information to Form Three parents.

“They kept telling us that it was a Form Two dormitory that had been burned down, but when we went to the school last night, they sent us away. I managed to see my son today during break and he explained everything to me. That it was a dormitory that houses Form Three and Four students that got burnt down,” said the parent.


According to the school principal, the fire was put out immediately and there were no casualties during the incident.

“While the students were having supper before proceeding for preps, a student noticed smoke from the dormitory and informed us. We successfully contained the fire and put it off,” he told parents who gathered at the school.

The principal however said the cause of the fire has not been established.

Police were still in the compound at 8pm on Wednesday night when the principal addressed the parents.

At the time of the incident, there were no student in the dormitory.