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Captain Otoyo opens up on ’40-year old virgin comedy show’

By Winnie Mabel November 1st, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan comedian Captain Otoyo Sibuor, born Kazungu Matano, is set to produce and host the 40-year-old virgin standup comedy show on November 5, 2022, at the Kenya National Theatre.

In the run-up to the first of his productions of such a nature, Captain Otoyo spoke exclusively to Nairobi News on November 1, 2022, about what the show will be about and the state of his political ambition.

Captain Otoyo, who’s lit up the comedy scene for the last decade-plus, said it will simply be a stand up show where comedians will deliver their jokes without the assistance of a cast as is seen in comedy shows.

“A standup comedian almost has a ‘license’ to touch on any subject under the sun! We haven’t had a variety of standup shows in our country yet. This is my first time producing a standup show (and actually being the main host. I’m used to doing an act, tosha!!). I want us to laugh about everything that we (standup comedians) haven’t had time to laugh about since there were no running shows for live audiences. (Stand-up comedians feed on the audience’s 101 feedback almost 100%)

I want us to laugh at our African presidents bundled in one bus somewhere in a foreign land, to Riggy G’s own swearing in script to Akothee’s love for “white coffee” and Vera’s on/off nyash (backside) to Jalas in Parliament telling Mr Speaker to sanitize on every point of order to Arsenal being on top of the table for 92 months so far! No Topic will be left untouched!” added Captain Otoyo.

Nairobi News sought to find out why he chose the ’40-year-old virgin’ tagline for his standup comedy show and he responded by saying, “Have you ever met a 40-year-old virgin? We attempt to find an answer together with the stakeholders…the audience!”

Captain Otoyo further expressed that he was astounded at the reception his upcoming one-day event was currently receiving and how various partners believed in his idea and chose to dream with him before the “whistle had gone off”.

Captain Otoyo was also of the opinion that comedy in Kenya had stagnated and he wanted the situation to change. He explained the Covid-19 pandemic had opened people’s eyes to things they never knew or thought about (in the comedy industry)- and these things had to be put to the test.

“Step by step though. It won’t happen overnight. I am working with 75% fresh blood, people with ‘more brains than mine’. It’s only my 25% that takes down the scale! You may have heard of old money, mine is old brains!” laughed Captain Otoyo.

This time around, the 40-year-old virgin standup comedy show will run for one day only as Captain Otoyo first tests the waters before making it a re-occurring show.

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