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Cardi B claps back at former Kenyan beauty queen Rachel Mbuki on Instagram

Megastar American rapper Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, famously known as Cardi B, clapped back at Rachel Mbuki, a former Kenyan beauty queen, who dissed the rapper on Instagram.

Cardi B

It all began when The Neighborhood Talk, an American entertainment website, posted videos of Cardi B and Malibu Mitch pulling up on each other in their respective neighbourhoods following a Twitter feud.

Cardi B had been beefing with a competing rapper, City Girls’ JT and anyone else who had featured in a song by megastar rapper, Nicki Minaj, before Malibu Mitch waded into the drama.

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Cardi B

This is after a fan told her she was Cardi’s next target.

Malibu Mitch then tagged Cardi B and goaded her by saying, “Wassup? I’m not none of these b*tches we kan link off the internet.”

Cardi later showed up in Malibu Mitch’s neighbourhood, allegedly ready to fight with the former rapper.

Hours later, the two went back to Twitter to diss each other using unprintable words, as Mitch accused Cardi of being a coward by only staying in the neighbourhood for one hour and leaving before the fight could take place.

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Rachel Mbuki
Rachel Mbuki. PHOTO | COURTESY

It was at this point on Instagram that Rachel Mbuki gave her two cents on the drama before she received her clap back.

“Cardi I thought you said you were done with decisions like these after your recent court ruling. You’re a mom of two with a lot to lose. STOP! You’re not in the hood anymore. Act your tax bracket, respectfully,” wrote Mbuki on Instagram.

To this, Cardi B responded by saying, “I went to the Bronx to get stew chicken from my auntie…! Don’t know what you’re talking about babe.”

Later, Mbuki returned with laugh emojis on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram post that featured her comment and Cardi’s response, saying, “We just want you to stay safe and outta trouble Cardi.”

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Rachel Mbuki
Rachel Mbuki. PHOTO | COURTESY

Most commenters told Mbuki that Cardi’s fight had nothing to do with her and told the former beauty queen that she did not genuinely care about Cardi.

“Rachel Mbuki, you really don’t care about her well-being. Sis, if you did, you would inbox her personally instead of a blog. Mind the business that pays you,” Doses of Chocolate hit out at Mbuki.

Others lauded Mbuki for telling Cardi the bold truth, as The Closet Ratchet wrote, “What Rachel said. Ain’t no way I’d be out there like that with a family at home. People are crazy and unpredictable. It’s not worth tryna prove anything to anybody who doesn’t affect you at all.”

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