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Careless city driver caught on tape texting while driving – VIDEO

Footage of a Nairobi bus driver filmed texting while behind the wheel on Ngong Road has gone viral online.

The unidentified driver was filmed by a commuter who susequently uploaded the video online.

The driver is said to work for the Kenya Bus Service (KBS) fleet.

The commuter who filmed the careless driver said the bus plys on the City centre -Satellite route.

In the video, the driver can be seen taking his eyes off the road occasionally to look at his phone that he was holding on his right hand.

At some point, he rests his left hand on a metal rod next to his seat resulting to a feeble grip on the steering wheel with the right hand.

The short clip highlights a common behavior among Kenyan drivers despite campaigns by road safety agencies urging motorists not to text while driving.