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These carjackers didn’t stand a chance against gun-packing driver

A gang of armed carjackers met their match on Tuesday evening when they were forced to scamper for safety from the gunfire of a Nairobi motorist they wanted to attack.

Footage from Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), widely circulated on social media, captured the moment the motorist had pulled up at a gate of a residential area on Riara road when he was blocked from the rear by the carjackers’ car.

One of the carjackers then  seen accosting the motorist while wielding a gun and makes an attempt to open the driver’s door. His accomplice, also armed, stands meters away to provide cover.

Unknown to the gang, the motorist was a licenced firearm holder who had carried along his pistol.

The daring motorist fired rapid shots through his window at the carjacker, missing him by a whisker.

The scared carjackers scampered back to their car and sped off. The motorists also sped off after the guard failed to open the gate.