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Carjackers rob city commuters for six hours during night traffic jam

A gang of carjackers commandeered an Embassava matatu on Wednesday night and held its passengers hostage for six hours as heavy rains pounded the city.

The four carjackers had posed as passengers in the matatu before turning on the 30 passengers and crew when the vehicle got stuck in a heavy traffic jam on Mombasa Road.

The heavy rain ensured the hijackers went unnoticed by other motorists and commuters also stuck in traffic on a night that the city experienced a gridlock that stretched kilometres on most roads.

Police say the four hijackers brandished their knives and pistols to scare off the passengers before ordering the driver to head to Buruburu via Outer Ring Road.


The gang took its time to rob the passengers of their money and valuables. Some passengers complained of being roughed up during the ordeal.

Upon reaching Buruburu, they ordered the driver to head to Baba Dodo where they dumped the passengers in a dark alley at about midnight.

Police say the whole episode lasted six hours.

A massive manhunt for the gang has been launched.  The matatu’s crew is also being interrogated and could be charged.

The latest carjacking took place as police search for a gang that shot dead a policeman in a matatu along Thika Road last Friday.