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Fashionista Carol Odero gave her opinion about Meghan Markle’s wedding gown; Big mistake!

Kenyans on social media truly have no chills and if you have a low self-esteem it’s better not to contend with them.

This was proven on Saturday when Citizen TV’s Carol Odero gave her opinions on the royal wedding, specifically the new Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s wedding attire.

Ms Odero, a self-proclaimed fashionista, said that she had expected a more flambouyant gown and make up from the Suits star.

“I expected it to be more princess like. It should have been more. The make up was also not outstanding,” Ms Odero said during the Fashion Watch segment of the station.

Kenyans were quick to defend the newest monarch’s style and even went as far as criticising Odero’s own appearance and fashion sense.

Winnie254@mayyanna1 tweeted that, “Just simple makeup she had and that’s her signature… Her gown was simple and modern, her tiara was ??,her veil detail represented the common wealth countries. I think she wanted to bring who she is inside out.”

“Maybe she wants girls to love themselves the way they are, you can still be fine when u keep it simple, no make-up,” ?? RETWEET-KING@MDOE_JNR chimed in.


Catchy kachie@jannette_kachie gave a more educated opinion, “She is a princess. They can’t do screaming make-up. I wish people actually read up before speaking.”

“The fashion watch panel on Citizen TV must know that they are entitled to their own opinion but at the same time, their opinions do not count, these women are busy criticizing Meghan’s gown and make up yet she was simple and cute. Make up does not make someone, but enhances the beauty,” Sento Ochollah posted on Facebook.

Winny Nyams commented that, “All people are not apes my dear who use 20 layers of make up. We are team natural and love it. Wee endelea na make up zako!”

Some really hit below the belt with their comments. Interestingly, the most hurtful comments came form female users of social media.

“Carol Odero, continue talking about make up while natural people are doing royal weddings. You wear make up daily but still at your father’s house,” Annaline Chepchirchir pointed out.

“The way Carol is dressed reminds me of the women who act as keepers of the shrine in Naija movies. Those shrine women who have their altars by the rivers… ”Marilynn Wafula said.

“She looks good… so you wanted her to have too much make up so she can look like a newly painted house just like you?” Winnie Kisoi asked.