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Carol Radull joins Nation FM

Celebrated media personality and sports journalist Carol Radull has agreed to join Nation FM days after she announced her exit From Radio Africa Group after a 21-year stay.

Last week, Ms. Radull, known for her grasp of sports issues and knack for debate and analysis of matters sports, wrote an emotional farewell on social media.

She also indicated she’d been sidelined at the giant media house.

“I never believed I was designed to push papers and write reports. I haven’t been on radio for a year and a half for reasons I choose not to share but in two weeks’ time. I will be back on your airwaves; with the “Great Roy” and Kieni to continue to push the sports agenda,” she explained.

The media personality who’s a strong Arsenal fan, used to host the Score Kenya, sports show on Kiss 100 every Saturday afternoon.

She is considered among the best sports journalists in the country and her love and deep understanding of sports are admirable.

Ms Radull will hit the airwaves at the Nation Media Group-owned station just before the kickoff of the English Premier League next week, which is one of her pet subjects of discussion and teasing.

Before her tenure at Radio Africa, she worked as the East Africa Producer for the BBC World Service between July 1997 – April 1999. She was also a producer for Reuters Television.

On Sunday, the lively media personality was the guest on Churchill Show’s journey series, where she talked about her career, upbringing, love for sports, and marriage.

She opened up her personal life and told comedian Churchill of her tragic experience in one of Kenya’s most prestigious secondary schools soon after the family relocated back to Kenya from Botswana where her father used to work.

“I eventually landed at Kenya High School where I was voted by the teachers as the most likely to fail in life,” Radull explained, while laughing off the incident.

“Those teachers have since gone, I don’t know why they had those informal votes because it was in very bad taste,” she told Churchill during the interview.”

She admitted to struggling while at the school attributing this to the change in systems from the South African education system to the Kenyan one which she described as tough.

“I hated school and couldn’t wait to finish,” describing herself as ‘not a fan of school’.

She said that she instead immersed herself in sports as an escape from reality and became an established swimmer and badminton player.

Her prowess saw her represent Kenya High School in both sports to the national levels.

She also opened up about her most difficult moments in life after she lost her younger brother George to cancer while she was in form 4.

“That was in the 80s when doctors in Kenya knew nothing about cancer and they would treat symptoms not disease,” Radull said.

A couple of years later, she lost her father to the same disease.

“So here my dad was out of a job, but with businesses, and dealing with the first cancer case in the family. He had Hodgkin’s disease, a form of leukaemia… it was hard. We were teens, he was fourteen and I was fifteen.”

She has since become an active campaigner against cancer and describes herself as a cancer soldier.

Radull also opened up on marriage after her divorce in 2016.

“Relationships teach you the art of patience,” she told Churchill saying that she had grown apart from her husband and decided to move on.

“I was married for seven years,” the media personality said, opening up about her marriage and split from Mike Njiru. “It was a great six years and then one year was rough. Having been in the institution of marriage, it’s not something that you easily jump into again.”

“I would never say anything bad about my ex-husband,” she said. “I was in love with him when we were married, but things just change. Marriage has taught me the art of patience. Things happen, you grow apart you move on.”