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Carol Radull reacts to smitten fan’s marriage proposal

By Keshi Ndirangu December 30th, 2019 2 min read

Radio sports host Carol Radull has turned down a smitten fan’s marriage proposal.

The man identified as Timo Sem sent social media into a frenzy over the weekend after he penned a hearty message to Radull via Facebook asking for her hand in marriage.

On Sunday, December 29, Radull appreciated the love from Timo but refused to inbox him.

Timo hoped to prove his faithfulness, honesty and had alleged that he was the only loving man left in Kenya. But that is not all. He wanted her to sponsor their marriage.

“I know you earn a basic salary of Ksh 480,000, I earn a salary of Ksh 20,000, so both of us we will be earning Ksh 500,000 isn’t that great? If interested please inbox me,” Seme pleaded.

The Kiss 100 presenter, however, turned down the request saying she was flattered and thanked the man for being her number one fan.


“Dear Timo Sem. Thank you for listening to me on the radio each week; I don’t take my listeners or my fans for granted. It is appreciated. I am flattered by your proposal because loyal men who know how to love a woman are hard to find. However, I need to decline your offer and I will not be inboxing you,” Carol wrote on Sunday night.

She also delved into his request for financial support saying it was nothing absurd.

“Just a point to note; your financial proposition is not as crazy as some people think. I believe a couple should put their resources together to build their lives no matter what the disparity is. Men lift their spouses up every day and I don’t see why women shouldn’t do the same. Unfortunately, in our case, it won’t happen. But I would like to encourage you to find a young lady, get to know her personally and build a life with her. God loves you. Take care of yourself Timo,” Radull responded.

She urged her fans, who had trolled the man for his marriage proposal, to offer assistance to him whenever he would find a young lady and decide to marry her.

“And to all those people who’ve been offering their free services for ‘our’ wedding, please step up when the time comes for Timo to tie the knot…not to me,” Radull added.