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Caroline Mutoko faults Moha Jicho Pevu for exposing Juma’s girlfriend

Former radio queen Caroline Mutoko is incensed at KTN reporter Mohammed Ali for the manner in which he conducted the investigative story into the late Jacob Juma’s last twenty hours alive.

Ms Mutoko’s remarks are contained in a video, titled “The Price of Shame”, which she uploaded on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

The video gained 31,880 views, 1,642 shares with 786 comments in an hour.

In the video, Ms. Mutoko expresses her disappointment at Mohammed Ali’s and the KTN’s editing team not protecting the identity of the young was who was with Jacob Juma on that fateful night.


She said there was no need for Mr Ali to hang her out to dry even – as it can be heard from the recording- that she feared her parents finding out where and whom she was with.

In the investigative series by Mr Ali, whereas all the other witnesses identities were hidden, the name of Mr Juma’s girlfriend and many of her photos were used in different parts of the story.

Mr Mutoko called the work “less than stellar” that was more pushed towards “undressing and shaming a 20-something-year-old girl who did nothing wrong”.

The young woman made a stupid mistake, which according to Ms Mutoko, is understandable in people that age.

“So why did Mohammed Ali and the KTN editing team feel that the “20-something-year-old girl” wasn’t worth the dignity of having her identity protected? They threw her to the wolves that is the entire nation, and then more through uploading the video on YouTube, in the same stroke exposing the murder victim’s family to shame on top of the pain, while at the same time diverting the public’s focus from getting to the root of the murder and instead on to Jacob Juma’s personal life,” said Ms Mutoko.