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Caroline Mutoko in the soup after her ‘blazing’ solution to tackling MPs’ greed

Media personality Caroline Mutoko has rubbed Kenyans the wrong away after she appeared to offer them a cryptic solution to greedy Parliamentarians.

Mutoko tweeted out a story by BBC of when Burkina Faso parliament was set ablaze.

The people of Burkina Faso had burnt down their parliament after the legislators suspended a vote on changing the constitution to allow Blaise Compaore to stand for re-election in 2014.

At that time Mr Compaore had been in power for 27 years.

In the post Mutoko wrote, “Where people don’t waste time on hashtags” implying that Kenyans are good at using hashtag with no action.

Kenyan MPs have been pitching for higher allowances over and above their current hefty pay.

Dubbed the “Domestic Subsistence Facilitation”, the new scheme entitles each MP to between Sh18, 200 and Sh24, 000 per night.

This comes after they awarded themselves Sh250,000 house allowances which the Salaries and Remuneration Commission has termed as illegal.

Mutoko’s post attracted numerous comments from netizens pointing at her apparent double-speak.

“Official launch of Uhuru’s re-election campaign. Guess who the MC was? @CarolineMutoko the same one whose complaining about bad govt policies,” tweeted RichieMak‏.

“You are a Kenyan citizen as well. If at all you feel we waste time on hashtags, lead the way,” said Apozze.

Kinyua Abala commented , “You fundraised for UHURUTO and got a state appointment. Tosheka na ufunge mdomo ama uende uchome hiyo parliament pekee yako.”

“And what has been the state of Burkina Faso after this? The country is now experiencing unstable peace with citizens running to border countries as refugees. Uncontrolled emotions n wrong approach to issues can leave ur country in a hopeless and irrecoverable state. Be wise lady!” posted Rich Arthur.

Black Excellence added: “The same Pro- Uhuru Caroline Mutoko who was an MC during the jubilee party fundraising is now the same person saying Kenyans are cowards who can’t ask for accountability from their leaders. Pretence (sp).”

The current head of state of Burkina Faso is the President of the Republic Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, since 29 December 2015.