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Caroline Mutoko lectures Kenyan media over Obama coverage

In yet another one of those very queer installments she’s been uploading lately, raving and ranting about pretty much everything, expositing on every hot topic, radio personality Caroline Mutoko woke up and decided to lecture the media, which for years she has been part of.

She decided to talk about how the media failed during the US president Barack Obama’s visit and claimed it was not well-covered by the local media.

Its interesting that Mutoko could be so indignant about how the media covered the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

She goes on to talk about how the media is not looking out for the best interests of their audiences or their interviewees; that the legacy media needs to wake up to the fact that its no longer the only or the biggest player in the game; that the audiences by and large can and will demand more.

True, but it has to be pointed out that Caroline Mutoko is part of the problem she is now whining about.

Caroline Mutoko, you work for Radio Africa and write articles for The Star newspaper, you’ve been representing corporate interests, you’ve been sticking up for them and adding unseen figures whose name you’ll let us know because they’re so ensconced in power – their power continually veiled.

And you still say the legacy media didn’t do what its supposed to do? The question is, if the media slept on the job, where were? And what did you do about it?