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Caroline Mutoko: Phantom X2 series inspired my daughter’s recycling project

Media personality Caroline Mutoko has revealed how Phantom X2 series smartphones have inspired her 12-year-old daughter to work on a recycling project that is environmentally friendly.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Mutoko said when Tecno launched the Phantom X2 series in January, the pioneering back cover made from recycled material, which are ozone friendly, inspired her beautiful daughter Nduku Mutoko to work on a project which she said will be presented to the company once she’s done.

“My daughter is a huge fan of environmental conservation. She is so passionate about things that can make the world better. When she learnt that the Phantom X2 series cover is made of recycled materials, she was impressed. Now she is working on a project on how we can protect our environment by making other commodities using recycled items,” Mutoko said.

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She revealed that although her daughter came up with the idea, her role is to help her make the project a success.

“I can’t wait to see her presentation. This will be so mind-blowing to me. Very soon she will appear before you to present her findings,” Mutoko said.

Mutoko, who is the chief Tecno Phantom X2 series project evangelist, also praised the phone.

“It captures photos and videos that out-compete some of the professional cameras. In fact, with this phone, the jobs of some camera people are at stake. Its photos and videos are simply stunning,” she said.

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The cover of Tecno Phantom X2 series is environmentally friendly, constructed by recycling materials recovered from the ocean. Phantom X2 Pro 5G has a mars orange color that makes it more visible and outstanding.

In total, each eco-friendly edition back cover contains 14.4 per cent recycled material. Compared with virgin plastics, the use of recycled materials to manufacture the back covers reduces carbon emissions by approximately 38 per cent, with each individual cover producing an estimated 2.4g fewer emissions on average.

Its retractable nature ensures the phone remains slim and light, the 65mm lens’ 2.5x optical zoom, large F1.49 apertures and shallow 18.9cm depth of field create a stunningly pure optical lens for breathtaking portraiture, as showcased in a series of portraits captured by professional photographers.

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