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Carpenter who stole trolley collapses in court before charges are withdrawn – VIDEO

A carpenter who is accused of stealing his neighbour’s trolley worth Sh 8000 collapsed suddenly at the Makadara Law Courts moments before his case was mentioned to be withdrawn.

Christopher Kariuki is suspected to have collapsed due to hunger and exhaustion after standing for hours waiting for his turn in court.


Kariuki had been accused of stealing David Muindi’s trolley in Dandora Phase 1 Estate on January 24, 2020 and was charged on February 3.

Kariuki had denied the charges at the court when he was arraigned and has been in remand since then.

But on Monday he admitted to have stolen the item. Muindi withdrew the case and said he has not been at peace following the arrest of Kariuki.

He said Kariuki was seen stealing the trolley by people who later informed him, but Kariuki denied the accusations.

The stolen item was recovered after a person who had been keeping it moved houses and left it in the vacant room.


Kariuki, whose workshop is next to Muindi’s shop, admitted before Resident Magistrate Mercy Malingu that he stole the trolley and kept it where it was later found.

Muindi said they have done been doing business together for more than 10 years.

“I decided to forgive him for my own peace since I have recovered my trolley. I did not celebrate this year’s Easter well because of this case and I don’t want him to remain in custody anymore,” Muindi said.

Muindi further offered to buy Kariuki food if he collapsed because of hunger or take him to hospital if he was sick.

Kariuki was grateful for Muindi’s gesture after Malingu terminated the case and acquitted him.

The magistrate however warned him against repeating the offence and advised him to preach against theft.