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Cartoon Comedian preys on Nyashinski in new hit – VIDEO

Cartoon Comedian has left social media users in awe of her boldness after she shot her shot at Kenyan rapper Nyashinski in her new hit dubbed ‘Enough’.

In the rap song, the comedian cum musician not only shared her interest in Nyashinski but also threw jabs at her haters while trying to make her stand on people who betray her.

Cartoon, whose real name is Vanessa Akinyi, equally noted she does not believe in love, however, she lets her haters know that she is not hurting from heartbreak but rather has a man who takes really good care of her.

“Doh na make ni enough. Na chali anaipiga ako fiti ,si ati nini. Sijakua mrembo at all, akili nilipewa imetosha. Sijawai amini kuna love, cheki napenda d**k kama nonsense. Maskini asiwai Ku advice he’ll never make sense. Hate pelekea mamako. Kuna vitu lazma ni do. Kama kuf*ck the goat Nyashinski.” read part of the song’s lyrics.

The comedian took it further by saying that she needs to get romantic in the first daughter’s office.

“I need to do a quickie in the 1st daughter’s office. Mi hupendwa na makarao na usiseme ni madharau. Si ni fame ilifanya nichange. Jokes ilifanya niomoke,” she sings.


The new rapper in town further disclosed more of what her fans have only term as the truth about what happened between her and her ex-boyfriend prior to their break up in a verse.

“Cheki nani, how the hell does my best friend f*ck my boyfriend. He’s a guy I lowered my standards for, Bitch mi hujam. Don’t f*ck with me. Na anyone I cut off lazma afeel. F*ck your feelings, me ni mreal revenge. I take forever to heal, so chill,” she concluded.

Before releasing her latest track, Cartoon, in October 2022, released another track dubbed ‘Mbona Unacheat’, in which she expresses her displeasure and feelings to her ex-lover, with whom she had a rather tumultuous breakup.

On September 24, the comedienne said on her Instagram page she had been hurting after breaking up with her lover with a message that she hash-tagged ‘Mbona Unacheat’ which ironically turns out to be the name of the new song.

Cartoon admitted the split had taken a toll on her in a way that she had not expected as she believed that she was a tough lady but the break-up proved her wrong.

“I have been hurting kidogo, after my love break-up scenario. I thought I am a Taliban kumbe me ni baby girl, I will be back after nimepona,” she posted.

The funny woman blamed infidelity for the split.

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