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Case on mysterious death of senior traffic cop to be heard next month

By Amina Wako January 25th, 2020 1 min read

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations on Thursday hosted the daughter of a senior traffic officer, Mr Alfred Ndalana who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in July 2016.

Ndalana Mutheu had reached out to DCI to investigate the death of her father whom colleagues said he had committed suicide just hours after undergoing police vetting and answering tough questions.

At the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs office, Mutheu who was accompanied by family members and her legal team, were briefed on the inquest of the death of her father.

“Ndalana mutheu accompanied by her family and legal counsel came to our office as requested. They were briefed on the contents of the inquest file which is actively being adjudicated in court and is set for progressive hearing on 19th February 2020,” DCI tweeted.


On Saturday, she tweeted details of her father’s death alleging that Mr Ndalana was murdered by his juniors who were working on orders from senior police officers.

“Later they addressed him and got rid of his body by dumping it at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga mortuary, but none of the officers involved in the activity briefed the family about it,” Ms. Mutheu said in a series of tweets.

Ms Mutheu also said that her mother, who runs a salon in Buruburu, was robbed of her money by gunmen and to date, no action has been taken despite reporting the incident to the police.

According to her, she was also threatened by two men who followed her to university warning that they would deal with her.

The family claimed that it has never been issued with a postmortem report after the death of Mr Ndalana and the investigating officers took the family round in circles.