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Cash bleeding Kenya Power to crack down on cartels

By FAITH NYAMAI January 26th, 2014 1 min read

Kenya Power is spoiling for a fight with electricity cartels in slums.

The cartels have bleeding the distributor off much needed money as they illegally sell electricity to residents.

According to the corporate communication officer Kevin Sang, an estimated Sh80 million is lost to the illegal connections every month.

Kibera, Mathare, Sinai, Mukuru kwa Njenga, Mkuru Kwa Ruben and Kiamaiko are the most notorious  for the crime, the officer said.

He spoke as he that 30 people had been arrested in the ongoing county wide meter inspection. They will be arranged for stealing and tampering with meters.

But he admitted the inspection in the slums would not be easy because the cartels are armed and they have in the past attacked their officers.

“Sometimes getting into the slums has been very difficult due to insecurity as  most of these areas  are occupied by gangsters,” said  Mr sang.

He said police officers would accompany the officers in the slums to deal with any violence that may arise.

According to the company, the exercise is also meant to minimise the fire accidents, common in slums that are sparked by illegal electricity connections.

“We are determined to reduce cases of fire outbreaks in slums,” said Mr sang.