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Casual labourer to be sentenced after admitting to assaulting Ministry of Transport official in bar

A man pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting a Ministry of Transport official in Shauri Moyo, Nairobi on Christmas Day.

Patrick Gichuhe Marira was accused of beating up Wycliffe Obuya and occasioning him injuries on December 25, last year.

Obuya was drinking away the Christmas Day afternoon at a bar when Marira walked in and pushed him.

The complainant ignored Marira and continued sipping his beer.

After a while, Marira came back and started assaulting him. Members of the public intervened and restrained Marira from further assaulting Obuya.

The complainant was treated at a local clinic before reporting the matter to police who issued him with a P3 form and the same was filled by a government surgeon.

Prosecutor Jackie Kisoo presented the P3 form filled by Joseph Maundu, and medical report from Morningside Clinic in Shaurimoyo before the court as exhibits.

Marira told magistrate Lewis Gatheru that he has reached out to Obuya to settle the matter out of court and requested to have the case mentioned soon for possible withdrawal.

The case will be mentioned on January 17 but he could be sentenced if Obuya does not withdraw the complaint.