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Ridiculous cat meat memes Kenyans are sharing online

Kenyans online have found a hilarious way to wade off their fears of having consumed cat meat after a man was arrested in Nakuru for selling cat meat to Samosa traders.

The culprit, James Mukangu Kimani, confessed that he had slaughtered more than 1000 cats which he would sell to business people since 2012.

Mr Mukangu was jailed for three years after pleading guilty to selling cat meat to unsuspecting samosa vendors in Nakuru for the past three years.

The news was received with mixed reactions from the online community with most expressing outrage.


Man who killed over 1,000 cats and sold meat to samosa traders jailed

I slaughter cats and sell meat to samosa traders, man claims

This however has not stopped witty Kenyans from seeing the humorous side from the whole saga.

From funny memes of some of the techniques used by the cat meat seller to lure the cats, to comical messages directed at Nakuru residents, netizens had a field day on social media.