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Catfish blogger Wanjiku HSC narrates experience at the hands of the Police

By Winnie Mabel September 20th, 2023 3 min read

He now bares his legal names, Silvance Abeta, on his X (formerly Twitter) social media account.

This comes after years of posing as a woman named Wanjiku, complete with a profile photo, where he posted sentiments on various topics affecting Kenyan citizens.

In the evening of September 20, 2023, Mr Abeta narrated what he says is his experience in the hands of Kenya police following his arrest and detainment for publishing sentiments that involved Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and a sitting Member of Parliament, Ndindi Nyoro (Kiharu).

“My encounter with the Directorate of Criminal Investigation’s Fugitive and Cyber Crime Units remains one of the most scary and depressing experiences I wouldn’t wish on any Kenyan content creator irrespective of their political affiliations and personal ill feelings against me. I was beaten up like a Nairobi CBD phone snatcher, forced to hand my electronics at gunpoint (ceska pistol), strangled by my own pair of jeans in my own living room while I begged for my life by seemingly very intoxicated DCI officers who were implementing orders from above,” began Mr Abet.

He went on, ” (I was) handcuffed with my hands at the back on wet corridor pavements on a rainy Friday evening, dumped in the boot of a geared up SUV, driven away at the back of a white Subaru SUV with screaming police sirens like some Pokot Bandits mastermind while being reminded of how Serikali could easily take a quick detour which ends up in my disappearance like some anti-GOK blogger named Bogonko Bosire; with a bullet on my head before my lifeless body would get dumped in a gunia somewhere deep inside Karura Forest or better still die a very frustrated and depressed man like some former anti-GOK critic named Anyona.

All these proceeded constant bookings and transfers from Industrial Area Police Station to Muthaiga Police, to DCI HQ back to Muthaiga Police Station, a road trip to Makadara Law Courts then Industrial Area G.K Maximum Security Remand Prison under constant surveillance by prison guards checking in my block after every 3 hrs and so on and so forth. I almost forgot the part where I was held incommunicado from Monday during my plea taking. I surely must have really pissed off the guy behind the constant calls from above who was out to get his pound of flesh. Now I understand what those before us like Senior Robert Alai and Boniface Mwangi had to go through before they got where they are today. The government doesn’t take rejection very kindly now I know better!” revealed Mr Abeta.

Wanjiku HSC, alias Silvance Abeta is accused of publishing on X that DP Gachagua was out to end the life of Honorable Ndindi Nyoro. Following his arrest, at some point, he got the word out, asking his followers to fundraise funds for him and send the money to his lawyer to post bail and secure his release. He was finally released on bail on September 18, 2023.

Prior to the narration of his experience in the hands of police, Mr Abeta also claimed ODM’s legal unit was fully behind him.

“Had an amazing meeting at Orange House with ODM Legal Representative Mr. Tony Moturi who’ve assured me of the full ODM party support and resources during my forthcoming legal battle with DP Rigathi Gachagua who’s coming at me via the DCI cyber crime unit. Truly appreciated.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™,” said Mr Abeta.

He went on to claim the government could soon be going after controversial Kenya Kwanza allied blogger Maverick Aoko, saying the charges against her were similar to his. Mr Abeta was charged with the publication of wrong information regarding DP Gachagua and Honorable Ndindi Nyoro.