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Catholic bishop now distances himself from fundraiser that turned chaotic – VIDEO

By Ndungu Gachane September 9th, 2019 2 min read

Murang’a Catholic Bishop James Maria Wainaina has announced that he has initiated investigations into the chaos that rocked Gitui Catholic Church in Kiharu Constituency on Sunday.

Speaking to the Nation by phone, the bishop condemned the chaos, describing the incident as unfortunate and sad, but at the same time said he had not been informed of the fundraiser which was attended by several Jubilee politicians.


“It’s sad that such an incident happened in our church. I was not aware that there were guests invited to the church, only to hear through the media that chaos has erupted. It is saddening and very unfortunate and I have initiated investigations before taking action,” Bishop Wainaina said.

While castigating the chaos, the bishop cautioned politicians who go to the houses of worship to cause mayhem, saying it is better not to attend church gatherings and even fundraisers instead of going to cause mayhem.

“It’s very unfortunate that politicians can go to the church to leave Christians without peace. They better avoid going to the church at all than coming to cause fracas and fights,” the bishop said.

The incident has also been castigated by the chairperson for the Bishop’s forum, Mr Stephen Maina, who blamed the church for what happened.

Mr Maina of the Full Time Winners Gospel Church, said the clergy have to shoulder to blame since they are aware of the existing political camps yet they to invite both camps to church.


“We the clergy are to shoulder to blame because we are aware of the existing political polarisation and when we invite political leaders purely from one faction, we obviously rattle the other side and if we invite both, we invite confrontation. Let the fundraisers be done outside the church and where possible not on Sundays,” said Mr Maina.

In the meantime, two MCAs and locals have blamed Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro for causing the mayhem, saying it was him who started it all.

Wangu Ward MCA Isaac Kamote said it was Mr Nyoro who started the fights, leading to the vent being uncontrollable.

“I feel very sad and very sorry for the Catholic Church and we have to blame Mr Nyoro for the fracas. He stormed the event and decided to take over using unacceptable remarks on the chief guest, Mr Maina Kamanda, and all hell broke loose. It is good for politicians to respect the church,” Mr Kamote said.

His remarks were supported by Ichagaki Ward MCA Charles Mwangi, who accused the Kiharu MP of trying to take the centre stage at the event.


“It was wrong for the MP to try to outshine Mr Kamanda and his team who had been invited as chief guests. It was also very shameful given that President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga had sent their contributions to the event that turned chaotic. The MP should apologise to the church and to his constituents,’ Mr Mwangi said.

During a press briefing held in Murang’a town on Monday, Mr Nyoro’s supporters clashed with those opposed to him.

But Mr Nyoro accused Mr Kamanda of trying to “stage a coup” in his own constituency by trying to purport to emcee the event.

“I can’t allow people to come from Nairobi to come and lecture us on how to do things. Kiharu people elected me and I’m the one supposed to invite guests whenever they visit,’ Mr Nyoro said.

In the meantime, police are looking for Mr Nyoro over the chaos.