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Catholic Church kicks out priest who threw sex parties for schoolgirls

The Nairobi Catholic Archdiocese has kicked out a priest, who is under investigation for sexual misconduct.

A priest from Githunguri in Kiambu, who was mid last year accused of sleeping with female parishioners — including schoolgirls and married women — will remain suspended until the outcome of the investigation is vetted and a verdict made at the church headquarters in Rome.

This is after a tribunal formed by John Cardinal Njue filed a report, which sources said had been forwarded to the Vatican.

The youthful priest — who has since left John Paul II, a Catholic institution in Murang’a where he had been banished — was accused of luring young women to his residence and having sex with them.

The residence would at times host lewd parties where girls would be served with alcohol.

He would also arrange outings in hotels where, among other things, the girls would swim naked.


Some of his victims were reported to be minors. When the girls got pregnant, the priest allegedly helped them to procure abortions.

In one incident, according to sources privy to the priest’s amorous behaviour, he reportedly paid a Sh40,000 bribe to conceal his wayward behaviour.

After the issue was brought to the attention of the church leadership in September last year, Cardinal Njue, who is also the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Nairobi, and Auxiliary Bishop David Kamau announced his suspension until the matter is concluded.

In the suspension notice, referenced ‘decree of suspension of Rev Fr (name withheld)’, Cardinal Njue said the allegations, which the priest, who is only five years into the calling, was facing, “were grave and cannot be left without sanction”.

This, he said, was in line with the church laws.


“I, therefore, as stipulated in law, (direct) that you step aside and let the investigations be concluded without interference, suspend you a divinis (cannot celebrate Mass) until that time the process is complete,” said the suspension notice.

The notice added, “you are not to exercise your powers of orders (as a priest) until the investigations are complete and case concluded. Specifically, you are forbidden to celebrate the sacrament and further prohibited from exercising the power of governance in the church”.

The priest’s victims were given an opportunity to make their case before the tribunal.