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CBC piles more pressure on already broke Kenyan parents

It was meant to make learning more interactive and realistic for the children but the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is becoming a pain for most parents.

The new system of education replaced the 8-4-4 System which has been in effect since 1984. CBC focuses more on developing skills and talents giving the students a hands on learning experience.

The 8-4-4 System had fewer outdoor activities and has been criticised for being too tedious and theoretical for the learners. So, enter CBC and out goes 8-4-4.

However, parents are now caught between a rock and a hard place with the new curriculum, which they say is costing them a lot of money.

Kenyans are already complaining about the high cost of living as food, transport and housing costs go through the roof.

The parents are now scratching their heads at the kind of homework given to pupils in lower primary. The assignments require printing of pictures and images, costing up to Sh1,000 in one weekend. That is not all.

The learners, mainly with the help of their parents, are required to make certain ornaments such as drums among others which do not come cheap.

KTN News Anchor Linda Oguttu was among the parents who have been left baffled at how to help her child with her homework.

For instance, she posted on social media asking fellow parents to assist her in getting some materials needed for her daughter’s homework.


“Oya, PP2 parents, where are you guys getting red rice or red dye to dye the rice for making the Kenyan flag? Tusaidiane pris,” asked Ms Oguttu.

Her question brought about other guardians who are going through a similar situation, sharing their woes on the CBC system.

“Sisi we need to find dry soil but the rains are against our prosperity. Tuombeeni jua iwake before Monday morning,” tweeted @KingFredAsira.

“Sasa wazazi wa mathare 4A watanunua food color ama chakula?……. CBC is for the rich,” said @niyambu.

“Nunua food colour uweke io rice,” suggested @karumbaGathoni.

“Kindly go to hardware and tell them to give red oxide wachana na food color hiyo haitashika dry rice,” wrote @OgemboOroswa.

“We are under siege I tell you, am now locked in the house trying to make a ball, you remember the “Kafundo” one, am now looking for some used polythene papers,” commented @Danielk.

“Very krimino I sat down last Tuesday behind Office store making a vehicle from wires. It took me 2 good hours,” stated @MKOtieno.

“I’m now making flower pot using plastic bottles,” said @juliusk.

“Hii CBkiangowa ita tumaliza. Sasa lazima ni nunue colour printer niweke kwa nyumba, kanisa ya cardboard tulishajenga na my daughter,” tweeted @OwourSpekeh.