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CCTV captures lone elephant seen strolling in Nairobi’s residential area

The Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) are scouting for an elephant that was spotted in a private residence, in the Kerarapon area, about 30km from Nairobi city centre.

The lone elephant was on Friday, September 30, 2022, at around 23:20 pm. Upon KWS’s arrival, they conducted a thorough search, but could not find the elephant.

“The elephant which was seen in CCTV cameras is suspected to have gone back to the Kibiko forest which borders the area,” KWS said.

Adding, “No one was hurt although the access gate to the affected residence was damaged. Our specialized officers from the Problematic Animal Management Unit are still patrolling the affected area.”

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Check out the CCTV footage that captured the lone elephant.

Mid this year, Ndavaya residents in Kwale county appealed to KWS to control the roaming elephants that were causing massive destruction in the area.

As a result, residents had sustained serious injuries following elephant attacks whilst wreaking havoc on farms causing the destruction of crops.

In 2020, a group of three elephants escaped a community sanctuary in Mosiro catching the attention of residents of Rongai, Tuala and Kitengela.

KWS launched a hunt for elephants sharing a hotline for members of the public to share any information. The agency also deployed a chopper to aid in the mission, with the elephants last seen making their way through a field surrounded by acacia trees and several houses.

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In 2019, five lost elephants had been spotted at the Elgeyo Marakwet-Baringo border with KWS urging area residents to take caution as the animals have wandered off their migration route.

“A herd of five male elephants on migration from Laikipia to Mau have lost their route and are wandering around Timboroa forest dam.

You are advised to exercise caution if in this area. Our teams are currently on the ground,” the KWS statement read.

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