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CCTV reveals how Echesa spent a whopping 82 minutes in DP Ruto’s offices – VIDEO

DCI George Kinoti has revelled the movements of former Sports CS Rashid Echesa on February 13 when he visited the offices of Deputy President William Ruto based at Harambee Annex.

Detectives have linked the murder of a guard at the offices Sgt Kipyegon Kenei to the now infamous visit, saying his murder scene was tampered with.

“It was actually not suicide but a cold-blood murder which was well executed, stage-managed but unfortunately our experts are smarter than the cold killers,” Kinoti said.

According to Kinoti, the evidence from the crime scene has ruled out suicide. He said the manner in which Kenei’s body lay on the floor of his table room was inconsistent with suicide.

Kinoti said detectives were only given a chance to record 23 minutes from the CCTV, saying the server was not portable.

“February 14, 2020, DCI officers visit Harambee Annex seeking to be provided by CCTV footage covering the event of the February 13, 2020. The officers were denied access to the sever and only shown 23 minutes and allowed to record on their phones,” Kinoti said.

In a CCTV footage shared by Kinoti, Echesa and two others entered Harambee Annex on February 13, 2020.

“Contrary to the 23 minutes, we are going to see the cartels entering through the back door carrying the actual exhibit, which will be manipulated somewhere. It took one hour 22 minutes and 59 seconds from 8.50 am,” Kinoti narrated.

From the forensic examination extracted by the sleuths, Echesa was seen entering the office alongside two white men.

The chronology of events according to the CCTV shared by Kinoti and the investigating team is shared below:

8.51am: Subaru registration number KBY 793N believed to have dropped a “military General” is parked behind Annex house at the KU parking lot.

8.58am: Kenei is seen calling someone seemingly receiving instructions and later handed the phone to the said “General”.

9.35am: Echesa and the two foreigners enter Harembee Annex using the Harambee Avenue gate aboard a Range Rover reg KCR 786H and immediately walk into Harambee Annex offices.

9.37am: The three pass through VIP reception.

9.38am: Echesa and the two foreigners use the VIP entrance to DP Ruto’s office, Echesa greeted everyone at the reception.

9.39am: Echesa and two foreigners alight from VIP lift on the 2nd floor of Harambee Annex building.

10.02am: Echesa and the two foreigners leave 2nd floor using the VIP lift.

10.04am: Kenei leaves 2nd floor alone using the VIP lift and exits the VIP reception alone.

10.06am: Kenei returns to the VIP reception and uses the VIP lift. Notable is the newspaper in his hand.

10.06am: On reaching 2nd floor, Kenei alights and leaves the lift door open.

10.09am: Kenei and the “General” leave 2nd floor using the VIP lift that was left wide open.

10.09am: Kenei and “General” alight the lift at the VIP reception and both use the back door to exit.

10.13am: The “General” enters the Subaru that had earlier dropped him at the KU parking behind Harambee Annex building.