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Cebbie: Female alcoholism is a ticking timebomb

Singer Akothee’s sister Cebbie has weighed in on the controversial debate about alcoholism among women in the country.

Sharing on social media, she said female alcoholism was a ticking time bomb as more and more women were falling victim to the vice due to taking up more parental responsibilities.

“One thing we are all shying away is female alcoholism. For the first time, I am meeting more and more women who could use a few weeks in the rehab and a few months of detox,” said Cebbie Koks Nyasego.

“As in, we now have women who are functional alcoholics. As in red bulbous eyes that can scare a stray buffalo into the park. Lips that have been scalded by Gilbeys. And a lifestyle where one can’t operate with alcohol,” she went on.

According to her, women are now outdoing men in drinking and she estimated that in the next couple of year’s children would supposedly start hating their mothers for it.

Alcoholism, she said, had been an evil that has plagued many African families.

“Most of us come from families where we lost fathers to alcoholism. We all know a brother, an uncle, who was otherwise talented but we lost him to alcohol. Most of us came from families where our mothers stepped in and up to save the family from a marauding drunk father. We all know the destructive powers of alcohol. It is not something to joke around with,” added Cebbie.

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