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Cebbie Koks criticizes media amid alleged break-up speculations

Elseba Kokeyo, popularly known as Cebbie Koks and sister to renowned musician Akothee, has taken a stand against media intrusion into her personal life.

Cebbie and lawyer Steve Ogolla tied the knot in a lavish traditional wedding ceremony in December 2022.

However, earlier this year, speculations arose when eagle-eyed fans noticed that Cebbie had removed all traces of their wedding from her social media platforms.

This included unfollowing her husband and changing her name from ‘Mrs. Ogolla’ to ‘Elseba Awuor Kokeyo’.

While initially silent on the matter, Cebbie has now voiced her frustration with media interference, asserting her right to privacy.

In an interview with YouTuber Jagero, she criticized the media’s focus on trivial matters rather than amplifying her business ventures.

“People are petty, and I’d say media is petty. I have a business on the same context, why are they not amplifying that? Why are we looking at things that don’t really matter?” Cebbie questioned.

“Like does it really matter that I changed my name or I deleted photos? We are more inclined to the negative than the positive. People need to find a life.”

Expressing concern over the toll media scrutiny can take on celebrities, Cebbie highlighted the risk of depression that arises from the need to constantly explain oneself to the public.

Since the rumors surfaced, both Cebbie and Steve Ogolla have opted to maintain a low profile, neither confirming nor denying the alleged break-up.

In a separate interview with Lynne Ngugi, Cebbie reflected on the challenges of navigating a public marriage.

“Social media is not a safe space for everyone and it can also reveal the ugly edge in your marriage,” she shared.

“Given a chance, I would keep it private because people look out for the bad things that can happen and make it a subject of discussion.”